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Max InterAmericas Inc. is a United States distribution company based in Southern California.  We are the exclusive exporting agent of Maruchan brand products to 22 countries in Central America, South America, Europe and Africa.  The Maruchan brand dominates its segments in the Americas and we are looking for the right partners to continue expanding in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Max InterAmericas exports ever-increasing volumes, relying on decades of experience in the Americas and years of success opening new markets for Maruchan.  Import partners enjoy the exclusive right to distribute Maruchan products through all channels in their country.  Max InterAmericas offers extensive support in order processing, logistics coordination, category consulting and promotions planning.

Maruchan’s leading export product, “Instant Lunch”, features the convenience of dehydrated noodles, vegetables and flavorings, all in a self-serve, heat-resistant cup.  Ready in 3 minutes.  The traditional and versatile “Ramen” consists of dehydrated noodles and a flavor packet, which can be quickly cooked in hot water and served alone or in your own noodle recipe.  Ready in 3 minutes.  The newly released “Yakisoba” features premium portions of dehydrated noodles and packets of dehydrated vegetables and flavorings, all in a self-serve bowl.  Ready in 4 minutes.