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United States (since 1977) -  Ramen noodle products are a top ten supermarket item in the U.S. Maruchan has become the dominant market leader in all Ramen segments.   Maruchan operates three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States. 

Mexico (since 1989) -  Maruchan is a top five product in Mexican supermarkets.  As the dominant market leader in all segments, Maruchan represents nearly the entire  category.       

Central and South America (since 1999) - Max InterAmericas has been opening markets in Central and South America with much success.  Maruchan is helping build and define the instant noodle category and has flexed its muscles to reach dominant market shares of over 60% in countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay.  

Links to market websites....
USA…                                                                       http://www.maruchan.com/
Mexico…                                                               http://www.maruchan.com.mx/
El Salvador…                                                        http://www.sopamaruchan.com/
Spain…                                                                        http://www.maruchan.es/
Argentina…                                                        http://www.instant-lunch.com.ar/