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Partner With Us.  Our partners receive many benefits in working with Max InterAmericas to bring a proven market leader to a new country.

Quick adoption and high-volume.  Maruchan instant noodles are not specialty or ethnic food items; they are mass-consumer convenience foods that belong in the soup, pasta or prepared foods sections of the retail stores.  The proof is in Maruchan’s success in the Americas in the past three decades.

Exclusive distribution rights in each country.  Our partners engage in consistent and aggressive contact with all channels of distribution.  These include supermarket / hypermarket chains, wholesale / club store chains, wholesale / traditional distributors, convenience store chains, buying co-ops, and independent retailers.

Promotional support and marketing consultation.  With our guidance, our partners compose a detailed and strategic marketing plan and budget every year.  Supported promotional activities include tastings and demonstrations, store-specific advertising, mass media publicity and event promotion.

3rd party logistics coordination and accurate order processing.  Our partners benefit from our relationships and experience in shipping to 20 different countries and receive timely service from our attentive logistics staff.  Our terms of sale are EXW Irvine, CA or CIF port of destination.

A proven record of success.  Max InterAmericas exports ever-increasing volumes, relying on decades of distribution experience and years of success opening markets for Maruchan products.

Ready to Import Maruchan?  We are looking for aggressive distribution companies with experience in high-volume, low-margin products.  A track-record of growth and an established sales force and logistics infrastructure will provide the optimum foundation for success with our products.  Please contact Eric Gomez, VP, and supply a brief company profile: egomez@maxinteramericas.com