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In 1977, Maruchan Inc. of California opened its first manufacturing plant in Irvine, California to produce and distribute what is now an American household food, the ramen noodle.  Americans quickly discovered the convenience and great taste of Maruchan noodle soups and Maruchan Inc. expanded to three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States, where the nation’s number one selling soup is rolled out at alarming speeds.

Maruchan entered the Mexican market in 1989 and rapidly established brand dominance in the soup segment.  Maruchan now sends more containers of product over the U.S./Mexico border than any other American manufacturer.  Maruchan has been elevated to staple food status in the vast country of Mexico and enjoys brand recognition with the likes of Coca-Cola and Bimbo.

Since 2003, Maruchan, with the help of Max InterAmericas, has been opening markets in Central and South America with the same success.  Countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Chile are adopting instant noodles into their culture as quickly as it takes to prepare a Maruchan brand instant noodle product.

For over thirty years, Maruchan has not wavered from its initial company philosophy to produce America’s highest quality ramen noodle soup products.  As part of this commitment, Maruchan employs full-time quality control technicians and state-of-the-art testing equipment that continually sample and monitor product flavor and uniformity.  Maruchan has adopted very precise cooking methods and uses only the finest natural ingredients, including hard wheat and top-grade cooking oil.  The result of these efforts is in the numbers: millions of consumers on the continent prefer Maruchan noodles and recognize Maruchan quality above all other brands.  Maruchan continues to dedicate itself to producing America’s highest quality noodles, to be enjoyed on a global scale.