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The founder of MaxInterAmericas Inc., Raul Gomez, has been exporting Maruchan soup since 1995. In 2003, he incorporated Max InterAmericas Inc. in California USA and began expanding his capabilities through family hirings. The San Diego-based, family organization now handles the exportation of Maruchan products to twenty (20) different countries in Central America, South America, Africa and Europe. 

In Central and South America, Maruchan is helping build and define the instant noodle category and has flexed its muscles to reach up to 85% market share in some developing markets, where per capita consumption levels are approaching U.S. and Mexico standards. 

Max InterAmericas Inc. is now looking to continue growing at the same pace in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Team Max InterAmericas:
Raul Gomez, President
Ann Gomez, Controller
Frank Paredes, Director of Operations
Agustin Marquez, Director of Marketing
Eric R. Gomez, Vice President

Contact                                                                                                   Please send any inquiries to Eric Gomez via email: egomez@maxinteramericas.com