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Instant Lunch

English (US Label) Flavors: chicken, beef, shrimp, hot & spicy shrimp, hot & spicy beef, hot & spicy chicken, roast chicken, California vegetable, chicken vegetable, lime chicken, lime with shrimp, lime chili chicken, lime chili with shrimp, cajun shrimp, creamy chicken.
Spanish (Latin America Label) Flavors: pollo, res, camarón, pollo asado, res asado, queso, pollo picante, camarón y limón, camarón habanero y limón, tomate y pollo, camarón y chile, jaiba con chile. 
English/Spanish/Portuguese (EU Label) Flavors: chicken, shrimp, beef.

Presentation: unit cup (64g), case of 12 units (11.5 x 38.5 x 29cm, 1.05 kgs)

Shelf life: One (1) year

Calories: 290-310 depending on flavor

Preparation: (1) Fold back lid half way. Fill to inside line with boiling water. (2) Close lid securely and let stand for three minutes. (3) Remove lid, stir thoroughly and enjoy from cup.