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Maruchan makes three products that compete with instant soups, instant pastas and instant meals.  Maruchan products are NOT ethnic or specialty food items. They are sold in the pasta, soup and instant meal sections of all types of markets and stores.  In fact, ramen noodles are one of the top ten products sold in US supermarkets and one of the top five products sold in Walmart throughout the US and Mexico. 

Maruchan’s Instant Lunch product competes in the instant soup in a cup and instant noodles in a cup segments and is truly ready-to-eat with the addition of hot water. The cup segment exhibits higher growth than any other segment because it speaks to consumers’ demand for convenience and value. Max InterAmericas focuses on this segment for the same reasons.

Maruchan’s Ramen / Sopa Maruchan / Instant Pasta product competes in the instant noodles in a pouch (traditional Ramen) segment, which requires consumers to add hot water in a container of their own. This segment allows for creativity in preparing pasta soups and dishes.

Maruchan’s Yakisoba / Pasta Rapida product competes in the instant noodles and instant meal segments. This segment addresses convenience for modern consumers and allows for premium portions and ingredients.

Instant noodle soups and pastas are a perfect fit for today’s busy lifestyle.  They are inexpensive, quick and easy to prepare, versatile, and most importantly, delicious!